Wood and its musical possibilities have always interested me.  My interest in repairing woodwinds began at an early age, in my home city of Philadelphia, where I watched the masters work on instruments for great artists like Anthony Gigliotti and Bernard Garfield.  I learned my craft, as many did, by observing and/or working under the supervision of renowned craftsmen including Michael Hammer, Mark Jacobi, Kalmen Opperman, Everett Matson and John Weir. My knowledge of clarinet acoustics and mechanics has given me the opportunity to work with some of the world's leading manufacturers in prototyping new designs and ideas including Selmer Paris, Yamaha, D'Addario, Brad Behn mouthpieces, Clark Fobes and others.  Since I have a bassoonist in the house, it seemed only natural to take these skills and further augment them to fit the needs of bassoonists.

My interest is in helping to get your instrument to a place where it feels right for you, as an individual artist.  My experience as a performer and teacher helps guide decisions and all work is done in consultation with the artist which can include improvements in mechanical operation, key placement, padding, tuning & voicing and aesthetics. I look forward to providing excellent service or connecting you to one of my expert friends and partners.


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